Modem unstable on L5

Hello, so I am a new L5 user, a long time pinephone user. I see that the modem is a bit unstable on the L5. So I wonder if Biktorgj’s recommended settings can somehow apply also to the L5.

Another thing is how do I update the L5’s firmware and firmware modem? I tried isntalling fwupd, but got no candidates. So I guess fwupd in not on purism repo’s, is that for security reasons?
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Thank you for the reference, i have been playing around with suggested settings see below: doesn’t seem to exist any longer btw.

Tested except for me it is /dev/ttyUSB3 and doesn’t appear to be a valid command for the Broadmobi BM818 modem. I still don’t get any ring tone.

Tested the following changing:
85-librem5-pm.rules ATTR{power/control}="on"
85-librem5-pm.rules ATTR{power/autosuspend_delay_ms}="1000"
SD Card
85-librem5-pm.rules ATTR{power/control}="on"
85-librem5-pm.rules ATTR{power/autosuspend_delay_ms}="500"


  1. seems to now more reliably re-connect to 4G and Open VPN after waking from suspend, or when toggling HKS
  2. still doesn’t automatically connect on reboot due to Open VPN gnome keyring not unlocking, and hence no Open VPN connection and modem shows with the little ! mark requiring initial mobile data toggle
  3. have not yet seen it randomly disconnect with suspend off, wifi off, camera/microphone off

No idea why that would be though and what the power saving penalty would be when you don’t suspend and just let the phone sit on the desk. Now testing if it still randomly disconnects with suspend off, i have the script package installed that alerts when the modem turns off for some reason and tries to reconnect.

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It is empty on mine, should I paste those suggested settings inside it?

PinePhone modem stuff like that is very rarely relevant for Librem 5 and applying some of these tweaks may come with unintended consequences (for example, preventing the hub from being suspended will significantly increase power consumption and generated heat).

Thanks for the info, but is there somthing I can do regarding the modem up’s and down’s? I was thinking of trying mobian and pmOS, to see how it’s working with those OS’es.
I really want to use more the L5, but the pinephone has a modem much more stable atm.

If you don’t care about power consumption and heat, you can disable autosuspend for the hub.

If you do, then - no, not really, except debugging kernel drivers and modem firmware. We’re working on it, but there’s no solution in sight yet.

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if you search that directory in the terminal with ls command you should see a librem5-pm.rules entry, which is the one to edit if you want to keep the modem “on”. I think these rules are overwritten on PureOS updating their baseline rules at times. So you almost would want to write a script with all personalizations that you can run after every phone update to make sure certain user settings are honoured.

I think while using the phone with those settings changed maybe it got a little warmer than usual so thats a possible downside, trading stability for battery.