Modems - again - Australia

Not having pre-ordered I don’t know what modem options are offered and, yes, it may be buried on this site of which I am drowning in info, lots of it now obselete, corrected or whatever.

But with regard to Australia are they offering a suitable modem? Word was that variant one of the Chinese modem would have suitable but I don’t know if it is an option.

Can somebody who has ordered please inform us of the modem options? Or hoping against hope a word from Pure (optimistic I know)

For your convenience, I added the above info also to the Librem 5 — Promise Delivery Chart :slight_smile:

Note that if you did not preorder, you’ll probably not receive your device before Q2 2020, and waiting a few more weeks with your order (for more definitive infos) will probably not change anything about how soon you’ll get it.

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There has also been some discussion of this on the Carrier Compatibility Thread. It looks like the PLS8-E or BM818-E1 is best suited for Australia.

@Jt0, they want the T1 :slight_smile:

A few days ago the aussies thought they have been forgotten, but even for those 5 people :wink: the awesome Purism folks took the time to test an additional modem.

Thank you for the replies. I’m sorry that there are only “five” of us. Perhaps you can turn your efforts to a larger audience where such comments aren’t needed. You added nothing to my inquiry.

What I see, and I’m very happy to be corrected, is that the “probability is high” for modem investigation (but nothing beyond this) and that the modems listed on the compatibility don’t carry the crucial band 28 that those in regional Australia require.

There was talk, as I said, of the variant one of the Chinese modem being able to do this but I don’t see it mentioned by name. Again, if I’m missing something I’d be delighted to be corrected or sent to the right spot.

I am desperately looking for a reason to buy into this, so excuse my persistence!

Well, then let me correct you. I pointed you exactly to the model that your fellow countrymen urged Purism to add, and to the most official statement on how likely it is it will be added, plus a friendly advice to wait just a few more days to get it confirmed.

The quote that rubbed you the wrong way was meant exactly the opposite way.

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“Probability is high”. Nothing beyond that with regard to the T1. So your post @C didn’t give me exactly what I was after.

Or am I missing a post that says it IS being offered as an option? If I see it as being offered as an option I will order. So far I don’t see it. As I said, nothing offered beyond what I have already read.

It’s hard to get the info, or is it me?

It’s you. The exact thing you are after is a confirmation that does not yet exist.

You have been provided the most current information that exists and been told to wait for more information.

I’m not sure of another way someone could tell you to “here is what information is most current, wait for more” than has already been done.

Perhaps the best thing for you to do would be to wait for more information to be provided as the most current information is not sufficient for you.


Twas a joke. :wink: I’m actually surprised at how many comments there have been from Australians on here. You should reread the first few comments. They were as helpful as they could be with a little humour added in there for good measure. :slight_smile:

I am also from Australia and have been following this reasonably closely and that was the last official word about it that I know of. The BroadMobi modems are prepackaged m.2 cards I believe, so I don’t think it will take them too long to offer the T1 variant. As soon as it’s officially announced or added to the supported networks page I will add it to the Carrier Compatibility forum page.


Thank you. In case you missed it, I had that info I was inquiring if there was confirmation, more info, or better, an option when ordering.

Why did you bother to reply? I’ll refrain from anything more.

I ask a simple question as someone who doesn’t come here often and I get this level of engagement. I won’t bother in future (cue the usual remarks now…)

Thank you @Zero for your post. I have seen your great compatibility chart so I was up to speed to there. In the more recent days of shipping iterations and the like I thoughti may have missed something.
Thanks for the reply.

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Sorry but I really disagree about that. At the moment, the only viable option for us Australians is the BM818-T1. Of course, if it will be an option, as far as I know it’s not confirmed yet

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I wasn’t aware of the demand for the T1 at the time. Given the information on the unified thread, I was only comparing the PLS8-E, PLS8-US, BM818-E1, and BM818-A1. Maybe if we had fewer than 5 threads about modems for Australia it would be easier to keep track.


And the European modems are the best of that bunch. I do of course agree that the T1 is important though.

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@Brad an update on this Topic.

We have new developments about this:

We am happy to announce that we have the BM818-T1 available, more information in the bellow post.

I will close this thread, as there are several threads about the T1 and we would like the debate about these news would happen in one place to make the debate easier.
The thread above