Monero payment no longer supported?

It looks like I can no longer check out using monero.

The FAQ under “What forms of payment do you accept?” lists 13 cryptocurrencies but Monero is not one of them so I guess you are correct.

It also notes that for subscription services i.e. ongoing payments, credit card is the only option.

That is too bad. Monero is my preferred payment option online by far. I hope the option will return.

On a slightly related note:
Yesterday I set up my librem 5 with monero wallet cli, connected to a node on my server. I also made a simple bash script to generate a qr code in the terminal with my wallet address for easy scanning. I can also type an amount of my local currency and generate the corresponding XMR amount as part of the qr code. This works quite well. The hardest part is to select and copy my monero address from cli, to paste it into the script.

My guess is that it is down to the payment processor. So best to ask Purism who their crypto payment processor is and then ask the latter for Monero support.

It’s Coinbase

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Markdown/up/sideways error in FAQ “What forms of payment do you accept?” then? @joao.azevedo?

Good question. I just checked the order page of any product and selecting crypto led me to a button mentioning proceed to coinbase :thinking:

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We changed from Globee to coinbase. At this moment coinbase does not yet accept monero.

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So the fact that Coinbase is struckthrough in the FAQ is a markup error?

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that is an error when the static page was generated. We will fix it.