Monitor Audio Devices. What are they?

  • Librem 13v4

  • Debian Bullseye Gnome 3.38.4

  • External sound card PnP

When I use software that can capture audio:

like Jitsi meet (on Firefox 86) or SimpleScreenRecorder

The Audio input Source list for the above two softwares has a number of options:

  • Monitor of Built-in Audio Analog Stereo

  • Built in Audio Analog Stereo

  • USB PnP Audio Device Mono

  • Monitor of USB PnP Audio Device Mono

My question is about the two Monitor devices -

What created these Monitor Devices

What for??

Thank you

A monitor as related to audio is a channel that allows you to listen to what is being recorded as it is being recorded. This allows you to adjust levels or restart recording immediately upon hearing an issue. Without that monitor channel, you would record the audio then play it back to hear if the recording level was where you wanted it and potentialy do several iterations of that.
The monitors you are seeing were most likely created by the PulseAudio server when the output capable audio device was plugged in.

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