Monitor disconnects often not detected by PureOS

I have a Librem 15v4 and I often work with an external monitor.

Plugging the monitor in via HDMI generally works fine. But some large fraction of the time (maybe 70%), unplugging the HDMI doesn’t cause PureOS to recognize that monitor has been unplugged. The computer continues acting as if it has an external monitor plugged in. I have to go to Displays and set it to Single Display to get PureOS to put all of the windows on to my laptop screen. Otherwise I have this phantom screen on which I can’t see anything!

Has anyone else encountered this issue on Debian-based systems?

i’d suggest that you try with PureOS 10 Byzantium (devel) GNOME live .iso from the web-site … i’ve recently had TWO external monitors connected (at the SAME time) in all modes (one after the other for testing purposes) from my Librem-Mini-v1 and they worked fine …

the first one - ASUS 24 inch PA-v1 - connected through HDMI to HDMI ( 1920x1200 @ ~60hz )
the second one - ASUS 27 inch TUF-Gaming - connected through DP to DP ( 2560x1440 @ ~165 hz )

newer sw should help when using free-software especially on the graphics side with GNOME.

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