More Proof Firefox is Bad

If firefox has a “backdoor like xz” then certainly icecat does too since their codebases are virtually the same (icecat = firefox LTS + scripts to remove branding - non-Free addons). I’ve never tried netsurf.


It’s not “the antichrist bible”, it’s “The Book of Mozilla” which is not a real book. The Book of Mozilla - Wikipedia . And “the beast” comes from the fact that the logo for early was a dragon mascot named mozilla and was, apparently, known internally as “the beast”.


Privacy2 and irvinewade,

did you noticed that the internet with Browsers died in 2016?

Yes we are still here talk about Browsers and URLs… but. Just ask a Kid in School what is a Browser and a URL… it’s kind of devastating.

But do not get me wrong, i think it is more important than ever… to have a good Browser, understand Information Networks Computers and Advertise Networks and Ad- or Script Blockers. Just do not waste to much time for that kind of discussions. Focus on a good Browser and or Apps for Linux on Mobile.

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Current kids/teenagers they do not NOT know what it is a File or Folder, URIs because this peoples lack of GNU OS Knowledge. However my 3 SONs have grown up with GNU OS by Me however at school they learned about the evil chrome os from google opensource or foss.


Or most anyone in any business outside of IT. The majority of people do not know, nor care to know, nor need to know. There’s a reason for references in the 90’s about opening “the internet” not a browser… Computers are tools to accomplish tasks for most people. Does that mean they can be exploited by those that do know? Yes. Is that different than any other field? No, not really.

This is not new.


Sorry for not reading the rest of the posts in this topic, but I just wanted to respond to this by saying that I actually just clone the branch itself when working on it. You should be able to do the same with the following:

git clone --branch fenix

Also the real reason to respond was to selfishly thank you for the “her” in that post. It means a lot; it really does. Also, I’m Emma. :heart:


Perhaps the only reason why Firefox must live (and we should accept some compromission here) has not yet been mentioned in this discussion: FF ESR is the codebase for the Tor Browser!
If Mozilla’s funding dries up and they don’t have enough money to continue the development of the browser, this will simply be the death of Tor Browser. And there really is nothing here yet to replace it: all other “privacy-oriented” or “privacy-defending” browsers are just subpar.
I am willing to put up with those little arrangements between Google and Mozilla if it means keeping the Tor browser dev alive.


I already mention about Firefox ESR and its forks in “my stance” earlier in this thread.

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Yes, I can see that now. Sorry, I didn’t follow the URL to that other thread - I usually don’t “jump-thread” when the one I’m reading is very long and prefer to concentrate fully on it.
Anyway: you mention Icecat (FSF fork), which I really liked and used - but unfortunately, the development has stopped at FF60 or something, a very long time ago. Very unsafe to use now!
You also mention Mullvad, which I have heard of: what do you think of it? Any good? Could it really be an alternative to Tor as of now?
Have you used FF with the user.js config file (GitHub - arkenfox/user.js: Firefox privacy, security and anti-tracking: a comprehensive user.js template for configuration and hardening) for hardening the basic browser without having to mess with about:config and the hundreds of prefs to change or toggle?


I do not have a use case for it. Currently, I have my own Outline VPN deployment and contribute to the Tor network as a Snowflake relay operator, among other related tasks, so there is no value for me to consider Mullvad. Also, it cannot be an alternative to the Tor Browser because Mullvad VPN is a paid service, whereas Tor is gratis, among multiple other reasons that are best explained in a different thread or on the Tor Project Forum.

See also:

I did, but it is clear that arkenfox’s solution does not fit my use case, so I eventually plan on creating my own user.js configuration for Firefox ESR in the future. Currently I have little to no time to read documentation of any sort.

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Opensource stoped partially icecat.deb via Gnu Trisquel, i strongly discussed this issue with team. However there are still newer Gnu Icecat binaries from here: Install package home:losuler:icecat / icecat

Yes i love Gnu Icecat and it is formally my default browser. :wink:

Free Software


Thank you for the link and info.
A revival of good old Icecat!
I will look into it


I do not think so. You know, sometimes Humans or mindful Program’s, would see a bigger Picture and use it like a step of a stair to get to higher ground. And you have to establish some overview to understand the concept of its own brilliance. Just to use that view of concept or study that kind of tool to build a better version of it. And now you can not create a better version of it if you do not understand it fully. I think its like a growing to a lower level Layer. To understand how it existence there… and to optimize it in a race to the bottom, you have to build a better system with less energy consumption without cheating, in a pure version or with a better understanding of lower level physics.

Kids using technology without the understanding of it… they will be exploited… trust me.


Most people aren’t trying to make their tools better, only use the ones that are good enough.

Not significantly moreso than using other things they don’t understand.

It is infeasible to understand everything, and instead of trying to teach kids everything, it is more practical to teach frameworks for evaluating things using trust based frameworks. Along with frameworks for evaluating risk.

Trust me, as a parent, children are both more intelligent and more resilient than most people give them credit for.


Thank you for your Post O*YAIG, like your point of view and you are right. Its just. I never saw computers and devices cheating with god like power before. So i think its not easy to beat that evolutionary.

Good parents should separate screens and internet before 16 years from these children i think. Cause they need time to catch up with beautiful and important thinks first.

I see computers have exponential growth in ram, cpu speed and data exchange. And i do not see that on humans brain. We have to much sensors pointing to children and aiming for attention and run A/B testing on future behavioral. No human has a chance to outdo that power …

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Some researcher observe on Android Devices that Mozilla contact some IP-Addresses after every launch.
Sorry its on German…

Firefox: Weshalb man LibreWolf und andere Forks bevorzugen sollte • Kuketz IT-Security Blog


Good parentsvknow that each child is different and arbitrary age gates are not the best approach. There are so many facets to good parenting, including acknowledging cultural differences, that I would say that is a topic for its own thread and one that there will often be more disagreement than agreement simply due to the complex nature of the topic.



Just to be sure, I’ve added that host also to my hosts file.

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This is it, Firefox went total spyware mode. It went the way of internet explorer. I demand that GNOME Web, LibreWolf, and GNU IceCat (although that is usually Guix supported or separate download) be supported by the Purism/PureOS (system/default) software/dependency support repository/server. Mozilla Firefox must be eventually dropped from Linux repositories.

Mozilla Firefox is Collecting User Search Data…

Look for the ‘Firefox Data Collection and Use’ option label in Firefox’s ‘Privacy and Security’ settings section.

And if this past incident doesn’t clue in, you need a refresher on internet privacy and consumer rights.


Good Point. But not every child choose its parents too. So i want to have that data an complexity shown and displayed to the observed human. - Ok and if its not old enough to its parents, or best friends or trusted A.I. System… wt… f.

I stuck in a recursive mind mud-hole. :wink:

The Good instances on Firefox was the Open Source approach and that we have some settings and keys - or Plugins to toggle to adjust privacy. Even if its powered by Alphabet. Its a good didactic play to see how information was processed and history saved or how Plugins like Adblock tried to got paid by Advertised-Webpages to monetizes and got excluded for sharing information.

Today browsers are some secret knowledge used by a daily lower user base and will be like the usenet in future. :confused:

Firefox will be rotten day by day. But just because everything other will do it more.

So i will change my browser to librewolf - just right know i hope its supported in future with security updates too. The last guard is right know the up to date tor browser.

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It’s unfortunate that you would post a youtube video to support your claim…
Some people (and maybe a lot of them here on this forum) want to have nothing to do with the Evil Octopus.
Do you have a more “viewable” source?