More than 1600 packages should be updated today

Today more than 1600 packages were marked for update today. But when I mark them for update, a lot of packages should be removed, for example blender.

What is the matter?

In order for you to receive a helpful response more information is be needed:
Which OS do you use?
Which repositories do you have activated?

For comparison: I don’t have any package marked for update today and I am using PureOS amber 9. :slight_smile:


Sorry for being not precise enough. My os is pureos in the latatest version. I have the amber repository and the landing repository acivated, which probably is the reason, why there were so many updates. I will deactivate landing and wait for the rolling release.

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It is wise to deactivate landing - it gets a lot of packages and will continue to receive new packages over the coming days and weeks. Once the new rolling release is available we’ll announce it here and if you’re interested you’ll definitely be able to subscribe. :slight_smile:

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