More usb and rj45 port

there is any chance for the future to have more usb port or at least the rj45 on the librem 13 and librem 15?

i’ve read some info about usb to rj45 adapter and seems there is not really optimal

could you please say something about that? or there is no “internal” discussion about it?

I remember in the last few months a message from Purism saying the next Librem 13 was going to have an RJ45 dongle which was NOT going to be USB. I don’t think they said exactly what form factor the port on the Librem 13 was going to have.

into the librem product page they wrote ‘No, USB Adapter Provided for existing orders’ so what about future?

Exactly, the customers who ordered Librem 13 rev1 will get USB dongle for free. It might be available in our shop for others, as well.

Thanks for the answer, do you know if the future revisions could have a couple of more usb port?