Most secured OS for smartphone + Librem phone

Hi everybody ! :slight_smile:

What is the most secured OS for smartphone that I could install on a Librem 5 ?

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

Well, you’re asking this on a Purism forum, so someone will guaranteed tell you that PureOS is the most secure OS you can have on the Librem 5.

Actually there are not many OSes which you currently can run on Librem 5. They are listed here:

and among them almost certainly PureOS with Phosh is the most secure, because it’s developed by paid developers at a very fast rate. Perhaps when GreapheneOS is ported to Librem 5, it could compete with that.

When UBports finishes its port to the L5, that will be the most secure distro in my opinion, since it has verified boot and decent sandboxing of its apps, but UBports has paused its porting work and we don’t know when it will resume, and UBports doesn’t have many people to work on its code. After that, I would say PureOS, but Mobian is very similar, since both are based on Debian. I don’t think that Alpine/postmarketOS has as many people worrying about its security as Debian, but I don’t know that much about Alpine/postmarketOS, so take my opinion with a heaping dose of salt.