did purism will never make a motherboard with coreboot and free software for firmware if needed?

did purism will never make a motherboard with coreboot and free software for firmware if needed?

Could you please rephrase that?

We finished Coreboot for Librem 13 v1, if that is what you are referring to:

sorry for the english, online traslator are worse than my poor english =D

i was try to ask if in the future you will make a motherboard for desktop (like asus, msi, gigabyte ecc), or if you make a partnership with a vendor for write an open source bios for the motherboard, so people could build a desktop pc by himself without have a proprietary bios

Nope, we don’t have any plans for that.

I too am interested in a motherboard. I intend to replace my laptop this year, because it will be 10 years old. However the Librem laptop has some limitations: No Swedish keyboard, screen resolution not on par with my current laptop (or even the one that I bought 15 years ago; 1920x1200), not able to have 32 GiB ECC memory and so on. Therefore I now consider sacrificing mobility. I looked at [] but I suspect that they are not as far ahead as Purism with assuring freedom and privacy. And I hesitate to send that amount of money to a country that legalized corruption []. What options do I have?

Those are some pretty broad strokes. What a country’s government does especially in a situation like this does not automatically apply to its citizens or companies. What if Tehootic are completely outraged by the law? What if they vehemently oppose it? Should their business just die, because all make the assumption that they approve of corruption?

As for your options, I’m not sure. Part of having such specific requirements means not having as many options. Libretrend might be a solution for you?

I do not know but hope so.

It would be unfortunate if their business died. But it would not be because all assume that they approve of corruption. It would be because people do not know them personally and therefore rely on the availability of a working legal system if there is an issue with the purchase. And I trust the legal system of that country less than those of most other EU countries because of that law.

Thanks, that looks very interesting. I could get it with 32 GiB memory, connect any keyboard I want to it along with a display with up to 4096x2304. And it is quite portable (to any workplace with a keyboard and display). It can be bought from within the EU and the Management Engine is Neutralized. This seems to be my best option. I would order one immediately if my laptop broke down right now. (Although I would prefer ECC memory and some more CPU cores.)

Just found an interview with the Technoethical people. (Start listening at 04:53 and skip over the occasional pause music in between.) Made me more confident buying from them.

Blackbird mainboard can be preordered from Raptor Computing Systems (expected late Q1). They have other mainboards shipping already, but expensiver and without sound, so I would wait for Blackbird.

Yes, I also want that purism will make a separate motherboard with coreboot

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I tried to build motherboard with coreboot but I am facing some technical problem so can any one give better simple idea how to do it.

You guys should keep up with Phoronix

How long will it take to make a motherboard, I am also waiting.

Did you not see the link I posted? You can buy a corebootable modern motherboard right now.