Mouse Cursor appears when connecting Bluetooth Headset

Exactly as the title says, when I connect a Bluetooth audio device, the phone seems to think a mouse has been connected and throws a cursor onto the screen. It doesn’t prevent me from operating the phone, it just hangs out awkwardly on the screen.

It first happened six months ago or thereabouts, but recently it hadn’t been happening anymore so I assumed it had been noticed and fixed. Today I was able to connect my headphones and speaker multiple times without it happening, and suddenly it’s happening again.

I searched the forums and haven’t seen anyone else bring it up, and searching google doesn’t help either (not big surprise). Is there anything I can do to fix it for myself with the terminal?


It may help to clarify either the make and model, with product link, of what you are connecting or whether it is headphones (audio out only) or headset (audio out and audio in). Also, does it have a control of some sort offering e.g. volume up, volume down, mute, …?

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I’ve connected it to a speaker with controls w/o a microphone, and to headphones with controls and a microphone, it happens inconsistently with both.

AL hydramini Bluetooth speaker
Cowin E8 Pro Bluetooth headphones

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My guess is that the control on the device is being advertised by the device as a “human interface device” (which is usually a mouse or keyboard) and that this is confusing the software. I don’t even own a Bluetooth headset so can’t directly confirm part of that. If you want to look more closely then bluetoothctl is your friend i.e.

bluetoothctl devices

to list Bluetooth client devices with their corresponding Bluetooth MAC address, then

bluetoothctl info <specific-bluetooth-mac-address-from-above-list>

However I suspect that the conclusion will be “it’s a bug” and you would need to raise an Issue to get it looked at by someone who really knows Bluetooth (which isn’t me).


I’ll try your suggestions, thanks for taking the time to make them!

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