Move Show all windows function to a different corner?

When I move my cursor to the top left corner of my screen on my Librem 14 with latest version of PureOS, it shows all the application windows that I have open. Is it possible to move this function to a different corner of the screen? Also is it possible to program other functions for other corners similar to “Hot Corners” on a Mac. Thank you.

For that sort of thing, probably the easiest way is to search for an appropriate Gnome Extension.
I haven’t tried any of them out, but here’s what I could find:

Thank you. So I went to the page for the Custom Hot Corners Extended extension ( and it’s asking me the GNOME version. I’m running GNOME 3.38.5. On the Extended Hotcorners download site (previous link), I see where it is asking me for the GNOME Version 3.38. Then it is asking me for the extension version 1 - 10 - I’m not sure if I should choose 5 here or if I should choose the most recent (10). Thanks for any guidance you can offer.

For installing extensions, I usually use Firefox-ESR (I normally use a Firefox flatpak) and install the plugin they recommend. You can then just hit an on/off switch directly on the website to install/use plugins.