Like that, yes - but there are differences. The keyboard could be completely standard display technology. (However you might use a lower resolution display for the keyboard as compared with the actual display.) Standard could mean cheaper. eInk displays today are fairly expensive.

eInk has low power consumption but is slow to refresh. Refresh speed might be an issue if you want “Shift” to result in a dynamic change to all “keycaps” (as happens with some on-screen keyboards).

eInk doesn’t do color very well.

I have my doubts too - but we’re brainstorming, right? So just throwing ideas into the mix.

(I just copied those two ideas from my previous post on the exact same subject.)

Indeed :stuck_out_tongue: any ideas are welcome ! 2 displays with touch screen it is from kieran !

I just wonder what that would means for the weight, the cost of course, and the battery.
But let’s imagine someone like Pr Tom Scott succeed to make diamonds batteries… the first computer with 5000 years lasting energy ^^

Another idea… now that we can Print electronic circuits

And have super flat actuators

We could just have a nice upper skin in multiple languages to put on it

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And color is extremely necessary here to be able to show emoji on the keys! :sweat_smile:
(to be clear I’m kidding, I don’t actually ever look at my keyboard)

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Does anybody know of e-ink displays with small enough form factor to fit into, or serve as, individual key caps?

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Good idea !! Yes, it should be possible … e-ink price tags can be very small

Luminous blanc touch with custom light level and color + universal silicon rubber keypad stickers to stick on top as we want

Laptop without keys + set of keys from our language to clip ourself…
I mean how many are extra special keys to print for each language ?

A little bit of puzzleing wouldn’t hurt us :stuck_out_tongue:

while those are neat concepts, All they can provide is a single language keyboard, with a few most common keys from another language. The moment you’d like to switch to non-latin writing system, they can’t provide. A true multi-language keyboard requires dynamically changing keycaps (because some few to several hundred keys in one plane is not quite ergonomic). Looks like, with off-the shelf tech, only on-screen keyboards can be truly multi-language.

e-ink price tags are too big. :frowning:
some other displays I could find, while providing small enough screen, contain a bulky interfaces around them.

So, one would have to order a custom-made tiny displays. This is beyond my capabilities for the moment. And also, the price. $1000 keyboard, anyone wants?

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it seems that the Romans did bring their contribution … imagine … a 1000 bucks keyboard

not so long ago in Alaska i would have to go hunt and kill 1000 bucks to pay for my truly multi-language keyboard. i would have to kill a few more just to pay for my transport train …

A versatile keyboard is a luxury… I want my computer to cook and clean the house too :stuck_out_tongue:

for myself, a simple keyboard is just enough
I want my french azerty, nothing more, and I was looking for ideas to help thinking about how to provide more quickly mutlilinguage keyboards for everyone… and not too costly manufacturing. So you got a point on e-ink cost. Too soon fo this tech.

Any other keyboard you don’t use regularly can be set on your display for visual guideline or typing directly on it with your mouse or you can have skins for the keyboard… of course it would be awesome to have a keyboard you can change like a snap and customize … but who’s got really the need for this, how many people ?

Yeah, I’m weird. I want a keyboard capable of entering latin, cyrilic and kanji. What I have to use now are half-means, and they are very inefficient.