Why don’t you try to talk with the korean manufacturer BEFINE which make thin silicon keyboards skins in every languages to have your keyboard as a standard in their collection ?

If anyone has some ideas about how to internationalize the keyboard … please post it here ! :wink:


Another solution would be to make a dynamic e-INK keyboard version

This project seems down but look was great

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This e-ink keyboard project currently from SF

These designers inspiration of e-ink keyboard are great looking too

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the Levono but I’m not fund of the idea of a fully flat surface

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You could have a flat keyboard + silicon surface keyboard. Don’t know if the giant patent is taking all possibilities.

Like this


Silicon membrane to sold separatly on a naked keypad

or just keycaps kits

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Keycaps inside pieces in silicon to clip, to insert into the keyboard
A little bit like this, shape into shape (not retro rounded of course)

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Blank keyboard and a permanent white pen :joy:
I would buy one like this, it’s so freedom spirit


shooting blanks is a security/privacy feature … a white pen ? hmm not necessary i would imagine :sweat_smile:

mmh… invisible ink can be an option :stuck_out_tongue:


There are some very good ones here. Don’t forget the oldie: stickers. The prefabricated silicone seems interesting.

Touch screen keyboard i.e. both inside surfaces of the laptop are screens, and one of them (at least) is a touch screen.

Projection virtual keyboard

then the keyboard face of the laptop just has to be a plain white surface.

Example existing device:

BUT with the intention that it is

a) integrated within the laptop (and hence not separate and wireless and battery powered), and
b) completely customizable (I get the impression that existing devices on the market only do one layout).

yes ! the good old sticker :sweat_smile:

Nice - sticker with image. That’s a bit extra :slight_smile:

This particular one is kind of slow… from 2015 beginnings… not sure the tech is good we don’t see it much around and we should because in the end it’s less material = cheaper to produce so it’s probably not easy to achieve a good one.

yes, like the levono keyboard with e-ink tech …

A wierd one, could be just a room for an external keyboard you attach with clips around that can fit several sizes… but I really prefer blank keycaps

Cool in a way, but a real keyboard needs tactile feedback, and this flat surface does not provide that.


personaly I wouldn’t care what is written on the keys. But I need a ISO-Layout. Not an ASCI Layout. Best way imho would be to just split the bigger keys (like the left down shift on ASCI) into two keys. that way noone would miss any keys. And extra keys are allways welcome.