Multiple User accounts in De-Googled OS (Lineage)

I am about to add my first custom ROM to a tablet. In the past I have done other custom ROMs to phones, but never Lineage to a tablet.

The tablet will be used by multiple people (adults, not kids). I am aware that stock android allows users to add separate google accounts which then create separate user profiles.

But, does a de-googled OS do the same? While we are at it, for security purposes, is there a way to allow app installation ONLY under an admin account and give other users less privileges?

The custom build for any device usually has all the features (if not more) that are present in the Android build, as far as I know. Minus the anti-features, of course.

In my /e/OS phone, under System, there is a panel for adding Multiple Users. There is also a “Guest” account, but I haven’t actually set one up, so I don’t know what permissions they have. Regular users that you add can apparently do anything the owner can do, according to a dialog box that pops up when you start to add a user.

So then, check this in the Android ROM before you install the custom one. Then you’ll know what to expect.

P.S. If you’re installing on an older device, there’s a good chance that the custom ROM will be based on a more recent version of Android (one of the great benefits of custom ROMs). In that case, you can research what might be different from your old version.

Hi @junkyarddog. :wave:

I use LineageOS on a tablet, and use the the multi-user feature. Incidentally, I do use it with my kid, so they can listen to podcasts without my Snikket messages showing for them. :slight_smile:

It took me awhile to get LineageOS on my tablet, then I had some work.

After looking into the OS, I do see the “add account” feature, but when tapping on it, it is unresponsive.My feeling is this is left over from the Google “add account” options, but not sure. It looks like a non-functional remnant of the stock android.

I am using LineageOS 18.1 on a Samsung Tab S6 Lite

You may have to go ask the lineage folks, it works on my calyx os phone.

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Same here. Multiple accounts work. :slight_smile:

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