Multithreading QEMU/KVM on Librem 14


I am running Whonix Gateway and Workstation official images with QEMU/KVM managed by Virtual Machine Manager wit the following CPU configuration.

Screenshot from 2021-08-17 13-21-46

For the purpose of explanation, I open a YouTube video in Firefox inside Whonix Workstation and I notice that only 1 core is used.

How do I spread the load across multiple cores or is it even possible?

With this I hope to lower CPU temperature and make CPU Fan more silent. It is ramping at the moment.

The CPU core frequency is set on the host machine as follows:

Screenshot from 2021-08-17 13-20-17

All comments are welcome! :slight_smile:


Cannot exactly answer your questions, but what is the advantage of running QEMU/KVM with Whonix compared with Qubes-Whonix?

I have installed Qubes OS first, but but the fans on Qubes are blasting all the time even when idling, so went back to PureOS. Hoping that the fans will be fixed for Qubes in a few months and I will try again.

Do you run Qubes OS on Librem 14, @fsflover?

I run Qubes on Librem 15. I had a problem with the fans before, but it seems it has been fixed for me.
See also: and

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There is an issue with EC firmware where it reports CPU temps ~20°C above what they actually are (EC controls the fans). EC firmware update has been released but currently there is no official way to flash it.

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@zenyatta I can’t wait for the official update instructions. The fan noise, over last month drives me crazy, especially some one who has ditched MacBook Pro and got used to total silence.

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Yeah, especially when noise of the fans is high piched

I got to the bottom of this!

To enable multithreading, you have to edit configuration XML then replace <vcpu></vcpu> as follows:

Screenshot from 2021-08-23 03-30-39

Watching 720p YouTube video inside the virtual machine, now uses 6 cores with combine load less than 20% - which is an excellent result and more than what I have expected.