Musique - A finely crafted music player

I know Lollypop will be on the Librem 5. But it never hurts to talk about options right?

I would think Musique would be one such option. A very good one. Any thoughts?

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Would you mind creating a topic for your app suggestions instead of a new topic for each one?

I get notified if other forums members flag posts as spam and, while I think individual posts are not necessarily spammy, creating new topics for each one is not winning you any fans. Plus, the topics are just going to get lost in the backlog.


Apologies. I didn’t intend posts to get spammy. I was just posting them as ideas came to mind. I didn’t want to make a super gigantic post either. I thought it may have been too much. But thanks for letting me know and I will make the change in the future.


No problem! I just wanted to make sure you kept your enthusiasm at the same level, but focused it like a laser for full effect! :smile: