My 10 *Bits Of L5's Camera

I’ve not had as much time with it as I would like but the pics I take now, I can select Camera and point and click and get pretty decent results.

The camera has matured a great deal. IMO, while it still falls way short of the Big 2, it has advanced quite nicely. A nice job of Devs tackling the difficult task of bringing the camera closer to the big guys bar. Maybe one day, L5 will be the one raising the bar.

There are a couple of discussions on it. The " Camera development progress", and there’s the Librem 5 camera software for example.
Both have data, technical in ways that may seem a negative image of the camera, but keep in mind when reading those, that they are old, and may drift off focus (pun intended).

So if you are doing some due diligence and considering a L5, read the most recent discussions about the device.

Effort 10/10
Result - huge improvement


  • Inflation.

Agreed :+1: