My Account and Splitit Payment

I paid for my Librem 5 years ago using a payment processor that Purism had called Splitit.

When I go to my account it says “AWAITING SHIPMENT”. All of my Librem family plan email charges are showing as history, although, I’m not certain the start date of those is accurately reflected.

The thing is, nowhere in my account history can I see where my actual Librem 5 paid order is.

As a Pinephone and LinuxMint user I am considering at this point my Librem Email Account (no webmail) is essentially a charitable contribution going to a company that espouses that which i believe in.

I’m really hoping that this company makes it and begins to deliver a usable product. Perhaps a moderator could forward this forum post to an individual that could check on my account and ensure it shows my phone is fully paid for and give me an accurate shipping date.


You’d probably have better luck emailing support.


I might, that’s true.

At the time though I was on my laptop computer and away from my phone. Since the Librem Email app doesn’t support webmail of any kind I thought I would reply here.

I’ll email them now to see if my account can be made to show somewhere that I have actually purchased a phone.

Thanks for the suggestion, all the best!

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I attribute it to’s accounting software. I’ve seen this in other accounting software during my long careeer. It takes an act of God to change a description once set.

For me, it also always says “Awaiting shipment.” I used a regular credit card, but since the family plan is working I’m not worried.

(On the humor side of the accounting coin, did you ever sign a receipt for delivery? Nether did I. If that ever happens it might change.)