My Account critical error Librem 5

Checked my order for Librem 5 (ordered November 11, 2017) since it has not been shipped, yet.
The field titled “Product” shows
"Librem 5 - A Security and Privacy Focused Phone × 1

There has been a critical error on this website."

Is that “critical error” related to why it is taking so long(5 years) to get my order shipped?

It could be why you haven’t received it recently. If you check the thread to estimate Librem 5 shipping, I believe they are, as of this writing, shipping orders from January 2019.

I recommend emailing support with your order number to inquire.

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I doubt it. Is it still happening?

More probable is that you have changed email address in the 5 years or Purism’s email to you was not delivered for some other reason or the email was delivered but you failed to respond - but, yes, it is possible that Purism just overlooked your order and it is also possible that there is something wrong with your order details.

As @Sarcasmo220 says, you should email support with your order number.

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Yes, i bet on kazmroz switched form some early phone to a later one and just got missed in the Que with a negative position number.

The best you can do is to contact the support, but i do not know why you had done it anyway sooner in the past.

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