My detailed ticket list to Santa

I finally received my L5 a week ago, and I wrote a list of what is missing before I can use it every day, with links to the matching issues on gitlab.


Weather - Adaptive UI: The application is not adapted to mobile UI.

It should be_working.

To-Do - Adaptive UI: The UI is not adaptive at the moment, so To-Do is not usable.

Same here.

Very useful list. Did you try if the GPS works well on your L5?

Currently it is needed to enter the PIN code before we can stop the alarms.

This has been discussed previously. Some would regard the current behaviour as correct. Others would want different behaviour. So at best this should be choices e.g.

  • no control over alarm without PIN
  • can stop alarm without PIN but not see details of alarm
  • can stop and see details of alarm without PIN

When you wake up, this is harsh.

At least you are satisfying the phone that you are really awake. :rofl:

When opening a new session with a PIN, it is then asked a second time to unlock the GNOME keyring. This feels redundant.

It’s redundant if you have configured the computer that logging in should unlock a keyring (which, yes, I don’t think works properly yet).

This would be a routine security v. convenience trade-off.

If automatically unlocking a keyring then you should consider having multiple keyrings and only putting low security stuff in the keyring that is unlocked automatically … but ultimately it’s up to you the owner.

Um, actually, that’s an entirely different app. :wink:

Meanwhile Mobian have been shipping a mobile friendly fork of GNOME To Do for a while.

Sadly I have no idea if upstreaming of Mobians patches is likely to happen anytime soon – given the age of the fork (Mobian ships this since some time in 2020), I guess it might not be a priority for upstream.

But there’s more:

Voicemail - There is no working voicemail app at the moment: Having the ability to easilly listen to voicemails is a must-have on a 2022 phone.

There’s an app for that - Visual Voicemail. It’s just a PureOS Store search for Visual Voicemail away :slight_smile:

Fractal - End-to-end encryption: At Yaal Coop we encrypt our conversations, so E2EE in Fractal is a blocker to us.

Fractal is going to deliver that, it works in fractal-next (when you can get that working :wink: ). Meanwhile, you can use or as Web Apps or install a different app. My recomendation would be Nheko, LinuxPhoneApps listing.

I could list a few hacks to mitigate other issues (e.g. using postmarketOS Tweaks to change the alarm sound of Clocks)… but time’s limited.

In general, if you’re looking for apps, I have this project, it is called, it’s far from perfect, but … it’s also not totally useless. Contributions welcome!

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