My issues on 3erdParty Software using Librem5

Dear growing Linux Phone Community,

thank you for developing Free open source Software. This Thread is my personal bulletin board for issues with my Phone or 3erd-Party Software.

First: Messanger Dino did not accept the Attachment of Files like Pictures, Data or Voice-Reccordings.

Second: Where did Purism store its Source code, and why have i to focus on http and not a Codeberg instance to brows active pushed code directly in a Browser friendly Way?

It was about Chatty or SMS and a post about the display of Timestamps. With the source code it should be easy to change/adjust this for the client Software and compile it for small programs within minutes to run it on the Librem5.

Regards and keep up the good work.

Christal for all Librem 5 source … and specially for Chatty.


Dino worked just fine for me and my friends out of the box, we share images there frequently. Did you try a fresh reinstall of the program yet?

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Is that Dino from the PureOS repo or the Flatpak?

I think it is the one from the Flatpack.

Thank you Ick for that URL, this is what i am was looking for!

By the Way my Dino has Version: 0.4.2 and maybe its just a usage issue. I just do not have the paper clip Symbol to attach a Picture, Video or File. And i still do not know how to do it.

Using the cross Screen will display some options and Hamburger Manue Bottons - but still nothing for Attachment.

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We’re using the PureOS repo; For us, the attachment icon is immediately to the left of the text input field on a given chat window.