My L14 wont charge at all

I installed librem_ec_acpi. My PC was restarted multiple times as this problem is old but I’d like to fix it.

lsmod|grep librem_ec has an output as librem_ec_acpi 16834 0 in dom0 [I’m using Qubes]

start and end files are on /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_control_(start|end)_threshold and the values are 45 and 90

Doesn’t matter if I’m having the charger [I’m having it all the time otherwise I’ll remain without battery] or I’ll remove it from the laptop, the color is always white [when the charger it is in the laptop, it should be green, but it isn’t]. My battery status is at 51% and stays there

How I should investigate why I’m still having this problem in order to solve it?

That is the point of (start) charge treshold, it only start charging the battery once the capacity has dropped below x% (in your case 45%). I would recommend setting charge_control_start around 60 since that is great midleground of both worlds. I have mine set to 60 | 90 (start|end) and when I plug in the laptop between 60% and 90% it wont cause battery wear as the battery is not being charged nor discharged.

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Lol … I’m so stupid … you’re right. I expected the battery to dropdown to the point where it will start to charge