My Librem 14 is a real computer now

After a EC firmware update, I am just stopping in to gush about how much I love the librem 14. When I originally purchased, it had a bunch of weird issues that really makes you think about how much we take simple things for granted in other products like apple, etc.

Problems upon delivery:

  1. machine would not charge while powered on
  2. when powered off and charging, it would emit a high pitch whine
  3. wifi rarely worked reliably
  4. machine would randomly power off due to incorrect battery reporting

These problems made it basically useless in a practical sense, I could only use it at my desk when plugged in which is what my librem mini is for. After the EC update, everything works absolutely swimmingly and I could not be more pleased with this machine. It is lightning fast for software development tasks and an absolute pleasure to use. Great work Purism. A little late getting this one up to spec, but the wait was worth it.


Same here! lots of issues but things worked out. Purism is an amazing company that had to workout issues like every other company does. The main thing is the mission of Purism which I love!