My Librem 15 V4 Trouble with 4k resolution display

Hello, I used Librem 15 V4 Laptop, it has i7 processor as you know, and they said that this laptop can use 4k display resolution. But why ? i got some lagging when used 4K as my selected display option, and also when i played 4k video on youtube. I used pure OS 9, and then moved to elementary os 5.1 , i got same result by the way. Anyone here facing same problem ? If yes, would you like to share your experience ? Honestly, i got a little dissapointed point here, Thanks…

You mixed up something here.

4K output via HDMI is supported only at 30 Hz (we did not advertise differently).

4K video playback from YouTube is another thing. You probably need to install proper drivers to enable hardware decoding.

Perhaps @guilbeauallison can clarify whether this is 4K output via HDMI or 4K output to the built-in display.

Thanks mladen for answering my question here. I used the built in monitor display here, got so laggy when i used 4k as my display option.

Thanks kieran, so appreciate you answered my topic. i used my built-in display.

Hm, not sure, I’d have to see it to know if there’s anything wrong there. Usually 30Hz is not enough for desktop, you will have a feel that the interface is laggy.

Its 60 hz settled on the display property

I’ve got this same problem with my Librem 15v4. I’m not happy with the performance of the laptop, as it seems to be incapable of not lagging while using a 4k resolution. Instead, I halve the resolution to be 1920x1080.

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I’m using my Librem 15 V4 with two 4k displays (the laptop itself and an external screen) and PureOS. It’s tolerable, works well enough for development, which is what I’m using it for. Haven’t tried gaming or full-screen 4k video playback.

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Hi vmedea, for me it’s still too lag