My librem 15v4 got a dropping framerate when i used 4K screen resolution

Hello everyone, i have purism librem 15 v4 laptop with these spec :

OS : Pure OS
Storage : 1TB NVME SSD

It said that we are able to use 4k resolution, of course as they stated it, we can use 4k res on librem 15 v4 laptop. But the problem is, when i used 4k res, the display frame rate is dropping so much, like when i opened facebook, the scrolling is not smooth as the 1080 res and youtube, google images too, it will become slower to show the images maybe because of 4k rendering is so slow…, so until this time when i made this post i used 1080 resolution, is there any solution for it ? so i can use 4k resolution at least on 60 fps, it’s so good having 4k screen on thin laptop with no lagging i think, thanks and sorry for my very bad english :smiley:

Built-in display or external display (or both)?

I believe that external display would be 30Hz max for 4K UHD resolution.

In case this is unrelated to the 30Hz vertical refresh for external displays: switching to PureOS byzantium (the rolling release) made screen updates such as scrolling a lot faster for me. Probably because it has newer Mesa drivers.

Due to other issues with the rolling release I cannot honestly recommend upgrading to it right now, though.

Hello everyone, but i used built-in display :frowning: