My phone powers off itself

It’s my first day with my Librem5 and I’m experiencing a very annoying behavior. Even with enough battery capacity (>65%) I’ve come back to my phone and found it powered off (or unresponsive, can’t say because pushing the power button nothing happens).
The only way to have it back is to take off the battery and put it back.

How I’m supposed to further debug this? Anyone experiencing the same?


I’m not certain but it sounds like what I’ve experienced with my PinePhone Pro when I had the automatic suspend setting enabled (under Power). I haven’t been able to figure out how to wake the device when it suspends so I’ve disabled the setting for now. Perhaps someone else can provide more techical help though as I don’t have a Librem 5 yet.

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Good hint. Didn’t thought about it. I’ll disable this and see if it stops powering it off itself.


This happens on the Pinephone, as well. When I plug it in, it clicks, but it’s totally unresponsive to the power button.

Since yesterday that I disabled automatic suspend, it seems to stay powered on. Will keep it that way in the meantime.


I have the same problem with my L5.

May I ask why did you enable it in the first place? The UI asks you to double confirm because it’s experimental, and that’s exactly because of issues like this.

…unless you didn’t enable it, which would mean that something went wrong somewhere as it’s definitely not supposed to be enabled by default.

Because it’s fun to “experiment”…? :wink:

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Because I wanted to try it to see if it improved the batter life as I found it quite disappointing. I did enabled it, it was not ON by default.