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HI All

  • I have been received my L5 Evergreen, nothing bad to say on L5 knowing all the work that they made this come true, also I know it need more optimization to make it work amazing.
  • Talking of the width of the L5 it is normal nothing bad, other linux-type devices are also wide like n900, n95, more. The wide of the L5 it is for the modular device, I am fine.
  • The bad calibration of the battery is due to a bug in the kernel, also the pinephone has that bug.
  • Talking of the heat of the L5, it is because it need more optimazation into kernel, but also L5 has a powerfull cpu, that produces more heat, and dissipates it around the top edges.
  • Talking of the weight of the L5, nothing bad, it is caused for big battery, genuine & modular parts. I am OK.
  • Call work, sms work, bluetooth work, headset work, charging work, browser work, almost everything work. I think with Linux 5.10 will work a lot better than now with 5.9
  • Also the L5 come with a professional orange color led for camera, the orange color will help a lot to calibrate the colors on picture captured by the camera sensor.
  • Librem 5 it is not a conventional smartphone, it is a free-software, privacy, security, pure, modular, computer and smartphone homemade never made until the L5 came by Purism.

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