[MyL5] Another New L5 Owner



I have had this issue with just Linux/Debian in general

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It had the same WIFI problem, due to time being set extremely far in the future. So this phone seems to have been in shipping/customs a long time ( that time settings problem was fixed and later phones were shipped without the problem).

I kinda expected Purism to have emailed those people by now, and let them know about that issue.

It might help putting somewhere in the docs/wikis that a simple

sudo timedatectl set-time HH:MM:SS

In a 24h format, being HH:MM:SS the current time of the person configuring it, would fix it.

Maybe only a temporary issue for phones that left Purism before this got addressed: WIFI Connection Errors

My phone came up saying that it was 2019, which is a bit random but didn’t stop WiFi connection once I allowed it to connect.


Is a workaround for this to get on the network first via cellular (assuming that you have a SIM card inserted)?

So maybe the cellular gets an IP address via PPP (not DHCP)? NTP works? Fixes the time? Then WiFi will work?