[MyL5] Australia/New Zealand

Received my phone a couple of weeks ago but it doesn’t come with a plug adapter that can be plugged in in Australia/New Zealand, so had to wait for a suitable adapter to arrive after that.

I’m not stressed about the few extra dollars to buy the adapter or the fact that Purism doesn’t provide a suitable adapter for a plug type that is used only in a few islands in the Pacific :slight_smile: but

suggestion to Purism: In the modem selection email if the Librem 5 is going to Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands then please warn the customer that they will have to procure separately a suitable plug adapter.

That way the user can have a suitable adapter before the Librem 5 even arrives.

The adapter I bought is: https://www.amazon.com.au/Universal-Travel-Power-Adapter-Australian/dp/B08CGVTJT5 (not colour-matched if that’s the sort of thing that stresses you)

I moved a Vodafone SIM from my existing phone. I’m going for ‘daily driver’ come hell or high water! Mobile data was disabled by default but once enabled, data worked out of the box. Haven’t tried calls yet. (Can’t do that because it is bogged down installing updates…)


Hi irvinewade,

Great news about you getting your L5 mate. Keep us posted about how the calls work out & anything else you try out.

Thanks in advance



In Settings / Details / Users I couldn’t work out how to add a new user. Hints?

I settled for adding the new user from the shell, which worked well enough to create an account to use when logging in remotely.

SMS in both directions (send and receive) worked OK - once I persuaded the other phone that the SIM was no longer in an iPhone (apparently a longstanding and well-known problem).

Lollypop working satisfactorily as a music player for music on local storage. Sound quality pretty decent in a pair of headphones (not the buds that come with the Librem 5 - haven’t tried them yet). Will try audio out over Bluetooth paired to my main computer some time in the next few days, just for curiosity.


Some of us have been adding tips to this wiki for the last couple of months. You may find it helpful.



I didn’t see anything to answer my question about adding a user though.

One question that the Wiki did answer for me was how to get an Esc character. Yesterday in vi I had to use Ctrl/[ LOL to do enough basic editing in order to get SSH going so that I could do the remainder of the terminal work remotely.

It is pretty cool that I can SSH in to my phone!


I love the ssh and I love the scp. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just remembered that Kyle mentioned this in another thread:

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Because the default username is publicly known and the password for that username is by default weak and you may not want it strong, everyone who enables SSH should really have a dedicated account for SSH - so I hope they fix that.

Now that I have thought about it, I think the problem with the Users application is that maybe the button to add a new user doesn’t fit on the screen. Other aspects of the Users application look a bit suss too.

Sorry for the basic question but how do I change the screen to landscape? Settings / Devices / Displays would be the obvious place but …

It’s in the notifications panel. Hit the battery icon at the top of the screen, then the portrait/landscape icon.

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Seems like that should be in the Wiki. I would put it there but maybe new users don’t have permission to edit?

You can request edit privileges; I did so right after receiving my Evergreen and it was granted within an hour or two. In the meantime, I’ll add that to the wiki now.

If I’m not mistaken, I think an optional auto-rotate may be on the radar screen for a future update. You can follow issues and merge requests here:

I’m amazed at everything they’re doing.

You may disable password auth in ssh and rely solely on key or cert based auth.


and alter the default PIN to a more complex numeric PIN


Once I’m hands-on with the hardware (probably several months yet), I intend to set up firejail to put everything under individual user accounts with minimal permissions.

For non-gui users, you can sudo useradd --help and follow the instructions.


yes, it is

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Any clues as to what the different colours of the light on the front mean?

Solid red? Flashing red? Green? Flashing blue? Pink?

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From this page: https://docs.puri.sm/Librem_5/Troubleshooting/LEDs.html

Color Description
Red The phone is charging.
Red (flashing) There is a problem with charging.
See below for advice.
Green The U-Boot bootloader has started running.
Green (flashing) A boot-loop in the bootloader.
See below for advice.
Yellow (red/green) The bootloader has started the kernel but there is insufficient power to continue.
See below for advice.

The above is from the troubleshooting page but you also have

Color Description
Blue Notifications (when the screen is locked): received SMS, XMPP, Matrix message, or a missed call, system notification like updates.
Red/Blue (Purple/Pink?) The phone is charging and you received a notification

Calls in both directions worked fine. That was testing to/from a mainstream mobile phone. No problem with audio quality, clarity, noise, volume. All normal.

Ring tone volume might be a bit low if I didn’t have the phone on my person at the time of someone calling me. The important point here is that I don’t want to increase the system’s sound output volume because when the phone is stuffed up against my ear, I can hear it just fine. It is only if the phone may be sitting somewhere else in the house and it rings, I would say that I won’t be able to hear the ring.

Fun future option: hook into the ring logic on the phone and have the ring mirrored on one or more other devices via audio and/or some other mechanism.

In the meantime, being able to customise the ringtone should address that.


Is that account (that I set up to edit the wiki) OK for reporting issues? If so, where are issues?

I would like to review the known issues and if issues that I have encountered are not already reported, I would at least like to report them.