[MyL5] I cannot make phone calls (solved)

I just received the phone. Put in my SIM card but the phone tells that there is no SIM present. I connected it to my network and updated the OS. Even that was difficult.(Had to use terminal) After the update finished I still can’t make phone calls or send text messages. I tried disabling the LTE band and re-enabling. Restarting the whole phone but nothing helps. I knew the software isn’t polished yet but this is ONE THING I was expecting to work. And it is the most important thing. Phone that can’t call and send texts is like a car who’s wheels don’t spin. Another thing that does not work for me is the drop-down menu where you are meant to control the screen brightness, display orientation and so on. The phone just vibrates but nothing appears.

Can anyone help? I hope this is just a software issue.

Is your cellular provider listed here?

Which modem do you have?

My network provider is O2. Not on that list. and the modem is BM818-E1

It may be worth flipping the hardware kill switch for the cellular modem off and back on. I think I have had to do that once to get the cell modem to power on.

As for the drop down menu at the top of the screen: are you dragging down? I think that is supposed to work eventually, but for now you have to tap the top bar to get the menu to show.


I did flip the hardware switch but it didn’t help. But tapping the top bar makes the drop-down menu appear so thank you for that.

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Does your Modem settings panel look something like this (with the exception of the carrier name):

If so, what Access Point Names are available on the next screen?
Also, if you don’t see your provider in the Network field, tap on it and hit Automatic and Set.

No it doesn’t look like that. It has a big picture of SIM with a question mark in front saying. No SIM. Insert SIM card to use this modem.

I wonder if your SIM is oriented in the right direction, correct side up, and seated properly in the tray…?

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When you update using the PureOS/Software app, you have to tap twice on the Restart button (known bug). Could have been that.


Is the metal plate meant to stay in the SIM tray? Because I don’t see how the phone’s board is supposed to make a contact with the SIM when chip is almost completely covered by the metal.

The chip should be unobstructed. The frame that is supporting the chip should be touching the back of the chip. The SIM tray should slide all the way in and sync into the frame in a flush manner.



Okay, I’m complete retard. I flipped the SIM card so the chip is now looking up instead of down and it works. I got signal and the same screen you posted. :joy:


Yep. I had it flipped the other way, no wonder it didn’t even notice something was inserted. Thanks for the help dude.

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No worries! :rofl:
Also note that, as it stands, when your modem is off, you also won’t see your chat history in Chatty. I think there’s a fix in the pipeline for that.

And sometimes your carrier may spontaneously disappear from that settings screen. If it does, just click on Network and hit Set again.


I just made my first phone call. The other person heard me just fine but for me the sound was little quiet. Well at least it works.

Is chatty meant to be used as messasing over internet or is it for normal SMS texts? I want send SMS but chatty is asking me to add XMPP account.


Chatty handles regular cellular SMS (and soon…but not yet…MMS). XMPP accounts can also be integrated into Chatty if you want.

For call audio, as with any computer, you can independently adjust the volume of the Internal Microphone in Sound (Settings app). Too high might create distortion. You’ll have to experiment.

And of course, you can adjust the incoming volume with the physical buttons or in the same Sound settings panel (System Volume).

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You should be able to send SMS using chatty, should not need any XMPP account. You can also ask someone to send an SMS to you, then that received SMS should be shown in chatty and you could respond to it.

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OH I see, that’s why I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t have an option to create new message. I didn’t know you had to receive the message first before you can send. Also it doesn’t make any sound or show notification when you receive SMS. Yeah L5 needs lot more work before normies will pick this up.

You don’t have to receive a msg first. You should be able to send.
There should also be a blue led signal at the top left of the screen when you have any sort of notification. My L5 plays a pleasant little “bloop-bl-bloop” sound when receiving a msg.

To create a new message, tap the “+” at the top left. Then type a number, or choose someone from your contacts app.

If you need to import contacts from another device, see this community Wiki: