NAS (/synology)

hi all,
I’m new to PureOS, and I have some hard times trying to figure it out how to connect with my synology NAS, eventually how to install the synology sync cloud app. Any help/guide would be much appreciated (by myself and probably by many others which are planning to switch).

Note: I have installed PureOS on a laptop for to try it before ordering a Librem, just to see whether I can install on it all the things I need. I am using a MBP now, so not much experience with linux/debian, on contrary, pampered with things done easily by OSX.

Login to your NAS, enable a Samba file share, connect from your notebook via the IP address of the NAS and the user you have created on the NAS (and granted rights to the samba file share) to the share to access your files on the NAS. This should be not PureOS specific but just a generic Linux problem (“how to mount a samba file share”).

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