Native rufus for gnu/linux distributions

Hello !
i wanted to take a moment to say how nice and fast this piece of software is - not to mention how useful it is.

i couldn’t help but wonder how come it’s only for windows OS and not a single atempt for gnu/linux so far all these years.

i would be willing to sponsor a native rufus for gnu/linux on fully GPL v3 compliant license seeing as it is the fastest and best one of all the available options so far (see bottom page from above link)

sure it’s doable from a VM but it kinda defeats the purpose if i have to download and install windows just for this beauty.

any fans ?

there are dozens (if not more) similar apps for Linux which provide for writing of ISOs to USBs, is there some feature Rufus has that you’ve not been able to find elsewhere?

it’s not that the others don’t work well enough or they miss essential features but they aren’t as fast or equally as featured as rufus. the above link describes well enough the champion. i don’t want to sound rude or to disrespect the programmers who wrote the rest of them - some are actually pretty nice and user friendly but none are like rufus in terms of how universal it is and how reliable it is. speed could be overlooked if it’s just for a single use case but when it comes down to it it gets the job done in half the time the others do it (most of the time anyway)

I like/use Rufus when I’m forced to use Windows, but can’t say I miss it when under Linux.

the author covers this pretty well in his FAQ, no?

I do rewrite USB sticks with ISOs quite frequently and I have to say that good old dd does the job most of the time. (sometimes MS Windows ISOs are picky and need Rufus)

I never use graphical interfaces to do that job, just dd, but if you want to use one, you can try etcher(apache 2.0) or woeusb(GPL 3) to make Windows installers.

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actually i’ve encountered that problem with gnu/linux also - a few years back.