Nautilus under PureOS 10 impossible to execute a .sh script

Nautilus under PureOS 10 newly installed impossible to execute a .sh script, this one opens all the time in the text editor.

The .sh script is allowed as executable program.

If I launch the .sh script in the terminal, it runs without any problem.

In Nautilus under PureOS 9 there was Preferences -> Behavior -> Executable text files -> then a checkbox see capture below.

But this setting does not exist anymore in the new version of Nautilus - PureOS 10 see below

Is there an extension to activate to get back the old Nautilus behavior ?

That frustrates me too. An extension would be nice, but I propose a workaround.

sudo desktop-file-edit --set-key='Exec' --set-value='bash -c "%u"' /usr/share/applications/nautilus-autorun-software.desktop

Then you can right click on the script file > Properties > Open With > Run Software > Set As Default.