Navigating on Librem 5 using a keyboard

This is really a very stupid question, but I guess this would help people who are not that experienced in using Linux.

I want to learn using Librem 5 with a keyboard without using a mouse nor the touch screen. The use case is when I plug the Librem 5 to a large external monitor while having only a bluetooth keyboard at hand and no mouse.

So I would like to be able to switch between applications and screens - something like Alt+Tab on Windows.
Be able to open the file manager (like Windows+E on Windows).
Move a window from the L5 screen to the external monitor and back.
Close an application (like Alt+F4).
Jump to the desktop in order to be able to select an application.
Maximize windows.
Maybe a key combo to open the task manager/process monitor (like Ctl+Alt+Del).

Does anybody has a good source to learn this stuff, maybe a collection of useful key combinations for cases like the ones I listed, and maybe some stuff specific to Librem 5?

At least for the Librem 5 you can go to Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts and it will show a list of configured keyboard shortcuts as well as allow you to create new ones.


I understand this isn’t what you asked but for me in a similar use case I use a wireless keyboard that has a built-in track pad. Sure, it’s not in general as easy to use as a mouse (for me) but if there is no defined key combination or there is but you can’t remember it :wink: then using the track pad gets the job done. (NB: This is not relating to the Librem 5. I don’t know whether there would be any challenges specific to it.)


@Hristo some of phosh default shortcuts are:

  • Super + (Left|Right): Tile the focused window to the left or right side of the active screen
  • Super + Shift + (Left|Right): Move the focused window to the left or right display
  • Super + (Up|Down): Maximize or unmaximize the focused window
  • Super + a: Open the App Launcher, where you can type in the name of the application to launch, or select it with arrow keys
  • Super + s: Open the App Switcher (similar to hitting the bottom section of the touchscreen on the phone). This allows you to switch between running applications using the arrow keys

Thank you, this helps a lot!

I am using Ctrl + W for closing applications / windows but this does not work consistently. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

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Another strange behavior.
Given I am in the file manager.
And I already navigate in the right part of the screen. (so for example a file or folder are kind of selected with the blue highlighting.
And I want to stop navigating in this folder and select a new folder from the menu on the left (for example in order to go to the SD card)
Then when I use tab to go to the SD card in the menu on the left and press enter, the following happens:
The file or folder in the right part of the screen open. While I would expect the folder selected in the left menu to open (for example the SD card).

I also miss a key combination to simulate a right click on a file. Ctrl + Space does not work. Honestly I am not sure how to consistently achieve right click using the touch screen as well.
And a way to go back from a folder to a previous folder.

This is to close tabs, sometimes it closes the app because some close the window when closing the last tab, to close the app is Ctrl + Q (quit)

To navigate to previous folder/web it may work with Alt + Left, I didn’t try it/remember if it works