Need a roadmap for purism laptops

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I do believe I am target audience for purism laptops. I come from x200 thinkpad series with coreboot on it. However, now I need a laptop for business. My company recommends thinkpads X series or P series. I see the processor selected on librem laptop is only 2 cores/4threads. I believe a decent i5-8265U can beat the performance of i7-7500U.

I compared all the thinkpads X series and P series processors and compared those with librem processor.

Librem laptop processor have some distance to go to compete with 7th generation thinkpads.

Can we get a roadmap of purism laptops? Like what features would be included in v5 or v6 versions. It would make sense for us consumers if we should wait for newer versions or look for alternatives.

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System76 is reportedly very close to being able to offer Coreboot on their laptops, and Tuxedo Computers and Slimbook both recently announced that they are now working on Coreboot as well, so in a year or two you should have a number of options besides Purism.

I think it likely that the next generation of Librem 13/15 will have a 4C/8T CPU, due to the fact that the 4-core U-series of Kaby Lake-R has a 15W TDP, just like the i7-7500U did, and Purism usually offers a high-end CPU in that 15W TDP. However, it is highly unlikely that Purism will offer an H-series CPU with 6 cores, because the 45W TDP would mean a substantial change to its laptop design.

One of the issues is that Purism sees its core mission as offering privacy, security and software freedom in a convenient package that the average person can use, which is why it focuses on creating slim and light notebooks, not workstations. Todd Weaver says that he started the company so that he could give electronic devices to his two daughters without worrying about their privacy. The focus is on promoting user digital rights, by giving the average user a convenient way to protect their digital rights.

Another issue is that Purism creates its own custom motherboards and cases, whereas the other Linux companies (System76, ThinkPenguin, Tuxedo Computers, Slimbook, Station-X) order base models from Clevo, so they can offer several different models including workstations, whereas Purism has to sell enough units to justify custom manufacturing, which is why it only has one line of laptop.

A third issue is the fact that Purism has to do Coreboot migration for each new generation of CPUs, so it is always going to be farther behind the tech curve with older CPUs, because it takes a while to update Coreboot for the latest CPUs.

A fourth issue is that Purism is likely to focus its future engineering on projects where it can offer 100% free software and a free hardware motherboard and case. I predict that its next project will be an i.MX 8M Quad tablet or a i.MX 8 QuadMax laptop.

Hopefully, it will eventually become a big enough company that it can start offering a workstation line of x86 laptops.


the next iteration of Librem laptops will use 8th-gen U-series 4c/8t SoCs (likely Whiskeylake i7-8565U, but not final). Other features are still be finalized


Cool. Thanks for the information. I’ve been looking at the Librem 13 for some time. Waiting to get the next generation with 32 GB RAM for use with QubeOS. Any specific details on a potential release date or target quarter (4Q2019 perhaps)?

I believe Purism has now tested and confirmed that the Librem laptops currently work with 32GB RAM. Since the Librems only have a single RAM slot, you just need to buy a 32GB stick.

Maybe @MrChromebox can confirm.

Though if you are also waiting for the next revision to get a CPU bump in addition to more RAM, then yeah, not sure when you can actually expect the next release.

I would love to see even a single tower offering, as System 76 has with thelio. Would buy that up in a hot minute!

And - upgraded Librem 15 that supports multiple USB-C video out for dual- and tri-monitor setups.

correct, one can buy a Librem 13/15 with 32GB RAM even, so it’s officially supported now