Need advice on installing Wireless module on X230

Lenovo X230 2325 to be exact.

Need advice on how to install Wireless Linux Module to X230

‎I am trying to install the Pure OS, translate Debian-Buster, on an Lenovo X230 2325 with a wireless of _ Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (Taylor Peak) rev34. I have found the group of Wireless modules on Debian Buster, firmware-lwlwifi_20190114-2.all, which is supposed to have the correct Module, someplace in there.

I know the command is sudo dpkg -i lwlwifi_20190114-2.all.deb returns file not found

that is if I have that set of wireless modules in the correct place, and what I have downloaded and extracted does not show .deb on the end, I am not sure having .deb is necessary.

I do know that I do not see how to enter the beginning file name, if for instance the group of extracted packages were in the Download folder, my computer does not show the beginning of the names to get to the Downloads folders. I guess I am supposed to just know? Yes, I do know that I used the name beach when I created this install, and that in some places that is beach-PC, but i can CD to that, so I am missing something in the sequence of file names.

I am close. Anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, or perhaps I am just typing something wrong.

I have posted same question on Lenovo Thinkpad Community Forum.

I would like to try to use the Librem One Apps I have been paying for. (Yes I can now use the Librem One mail and I have the Librem One VPN on my Iphone, but I did not get the VPN to work with other versions of Linux.)

Thanks for any advice.

Most drivers proprietary therefore in the Debian Non-Free repo. If this driver is proprietary do you have the Debian Non-Free repo on your PC?

If you don’t have the repo this will be why.

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If this is the correct driver, which I ‘think’ it is. They’re all in the non-free repo.

As my post said I had already obtained the correct non free drivers, this is about how to install modules.

It’s not a .deb file, so dpkg won’t work on it. I’ve done this once upon a time, but don’t recall the procedure. You’ll have to search for “manually installing wifi driver”.

Can I just change the name of the folder?

If I had an Ethernet cable plugged in I could use the package manager, redirect it to a non free repository.

I do not have at home internet. I would have thought someone here at faced this exact situation.

Looking at: Installing proprietary drivers at the last post, might be my problem is that I am not extracting the file to leave it with a .deb.

Which also brings back the other question, In the Pure OS, what is the top to bottom of how to describe the folder line down to either TMP or Downloads?

@purple within the Terminal you can just cd(change directory) into the folder where you’ve placed the lwlwifi_20190114-2.all.deb and then execute sudo dpkg -i lwlwifi_20190114-2.all.deb and everything should work.
AFAIK it’s also possible to open the terminal(think it’s called Tilix) from the file browser via the rightclick menu

It’s not a .deb file. If you want the path to a location you can type pwd in a terminal and it’ll tell you.

Did you look here?

I found the sequence of names in Linux, top to bottom.

Name of Account, in my name beach.

\beach\home\Downloads\ it is backwards fraction sign, not the usual fraction sign. Some would say backslash.

I did discover the all package of Firmware does end in Debian.
Also the command dpkg-deb help says to use apt or aptitude, this for a computer offline. ROFL.

Still your reply is nice to know. I have learned how to cd around. I had thought my problem might be the string of how to get dpkg or dpkg-deb to see the actual folder I needed it to point at, is focus the correct term?

I looks like I will need to find someplace to plug in an ethernet cable. No doubt someone I do not want to owe a favor too.

Thanks for replying.

apt works offline too … only it tries to access the internet for pulling the dependencies