Need help with cryptsetup

Im using parrot os for school and wanted to install it on bare metal, so I attempted, but it came across an error and need help getting past it. I tried searching google and reddit and didn’t find anything that helped. I appreciate it. Basic run down, fresh install of latest parrot os home edition, 4gb unencrypted ext4 /boot, 8gb swap, and 500gb for ext4 with the encrypt box ticked, a typical installation within the parrot gui installer. I shut down after install, restart always hangs up, fresh start, as soon as it gets to where i should enter my password for the encryption, i get the error below.

cryptsetup: ERROR: luks-067baafeb-3d1d-4979-a524-01c1f6b13c3f: cryptsetup failed, bad password or options?

/bin/cat: crypto_keyfile.nib: no such file or directory
nothing to read on input

volume group ‘luks’ not found
cannot process volume group luks

gave up waiting for root file system device
common problems
boot args cat /proc/cmdline
check rootdelay= did the system wait long enough?
missing modules cat /proc/modules; ls /dev

ALERT /dev/mapper/luks-067baafeb-3d1d-4979-a524-01c1f6b13c3f does not exist. drop to shell

Try installing unencrypted to see if the installer works at all to begin with.

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