Need help with graphic driver installation!

I have Lenovo Ideapad 330S
RAM: 20GiB
SDD: 500GiB
Processor: Intel 8th gen i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz*4
Graphics: Nvidia MX150

I have followd the debian official guide to install the drivers but the OS never survived the boot up!
No idea what the cause is!

Looking for anyone to follow up.

Also is their any Telegram like chat support group, where we can get real time help with the DEV’s?
like Ubuntu, debian and certain other OS’s have!

There are Matrix channels instead of Telegram.

In my experience, Nvidia cards just don’t work well on Linux, because Nvidia typically hasn’t been friendly to Linux developers. I don’t have experience with the MX150, though, so maybe it is better.

In general, PureOS only includes 100% free software, and the nouveau drivers, which try to control Nvidia graphics cards, frequently cause problems. I do not think you will have a good time trying to use PureOS with Nvidia cards, and it is not part of Purism’s mission to provide support for proprietary drivers. Some devs may try to help anyway, but most of your help will probably end up coming from community members.

I would say use Debian instead, since it makes it easier to get the non-free drivers you might need.

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i was on debian 10.1 earlier, dev’s were too sloppy to figure out this primitive graphics card!
So i shifted to other OS’s and finally to Pure OS, looks like Ubuntu will do just fine.

ubuntu is based on debian so the non-free graphics stack should be the same no ?

maybe you used the DFSG compatible iso of buster 10.1 … that might explain why your GPU wasn’t working the way you expected …