Need Help with new Librem 14 after formating

Hello everybody,

On Monday I got my new Librem 14 on which I tried to install KDE Plasma but wasn’t successful. So I found that there is a PureOS version that comes with KDE. I proceed to format and install the new OS with the desktop environment that I prefer. Now I have a problem with the librem key and booting.

First error message: Missing Hash File
I click Yes to Would you like to update checksums now?

Following screen: Please confirm that your GPG card is inserted: yes

/boot/kexec_rollback.txt does not exist: creating new TPM counter
TPM owner passowrd - what am I supposed to enter here? a new password? when I do I get the following error screen and I’m back where I started.

Thanks in advance.

probably just easiest to do an OEM Factory Reset from the Pureboot menu, that will generate new keys, reset the TPM, and sign the boot files all in one step