Need to repair the headphone jack on my Librem 15

I bought Librem 15v4 laptop used and the jack was missing. I contacted Librem but they say they do not have the spare IO board in stock. I would like some info on the type of headphone jack that is used on the LIbrem so that I can possibly get someone to solder it back on. Any info would be appreciated.

I also need to repair the headphone jack. It is merely loosened, not broken off, and I can get a signal if I jiggle it and hold it in the right placeb memory sticks. Unfortunately this state of affairs seems to take out the internal speakers as well, haven’t tried bluetooth yet, but I’m skeptical. Also my soldering skills are not to be relied upon. sure, I’ll try, but if the price is low enough, I’d just as well like to replace the whole daughterboard. Actually the usb ports haven’t been particularly reliable, I’ve had trouble with cheap USB memory sticks and I’m now thinking it might be the board, and not the sticks’ fault after all.

You may want to contact Purism. They may have a spare daughterboard. You could see if an electronics shop will repair the board. They’ll probably charge $20-30.

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