Need Windows but want Purism?

I develop for Windows and Android, and as such need Windows. I also like to game on my desktop and use a pretty specialized mainboard (Asus Z10PE-D16 WS, sound card, GPUs (Dual SLI 980Ti), etc. I’m fairly certain my mainboard (chipset, etc.) doesn’t have any drivers of the Linux variety.

Running Linux and using a Windows VM with hardware passthrough is one solution, BUT would require monitor input switching and an additional GPU card to support all six monitors. I wanted to use Qubes, but the hardware passthrough issue just isn’t at a point yet where it really makes sense. It would feel a lot like making a square wheel round.

So my solution is to run PureOS in Workstation Pro 14 on Windows 10 across 4 of my 6 monitors, and 95% of my daily computer use is all done through there overlaid on my windows desktop. The only things I still have actively running on Windows is a chat program, Skype, and Steam.

However because I access my development VM remotely, I can use a Librem for that, and pending a shipping question am looking forward to making that happen.

Anyone else in a similar situation as me have any better ideas?