Needing a Project Management program?

In light of being cautious and staying safe, I’m needing a Project Management program such as Zenkit or Trello that would be safe to use on PureOS? Zenkit is in the Snapcraft/snaps website but not Trello.

Anybody, what Project Management program are you using on PureOS?

Wow, I don’t know how it could be accomplished but, it sure would be nice if a listing of software/apps could be kept here on the forum(in one location) as to what is safe and what is not save to use on PureOS! From what I see, I’m not by myself wanting to know what’s usable and what is not. I just don’t want to unknowingly break my system.

There’s Kanboard, which is a bit like Trello. It’s a web app. I have been running it in an Ubuntu virtual machine for local use only. Not optimal but it does what I need. You could probably run it on PureOS directly but I’ve not tried that.

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