Netflix searchbox stores my Amazon search terms (?)

Today, using Firefox, I noticed that when clicking two times slowly in the searchbox at, it displays a list of 6 or 7 words I searched for recently… on Amazon! (I do not use Amazon to sign in at Netflix.)

(The search terms, not shown above, related to RaspberryPi components.)

Unless I accidentally thought I was at while I was really at, which I highly doubt, I can’t think how these search terms ended up on Netflix.

And new search terms I enter at Amazon don’t show up at Netflix, as far as I can tell; only that small subset from a few weeks ago.

Also, recent movie title searches don’t show up in the searchbox dropdown, only the 6 or 7 words that shouldn’t be there.

I went to FF Settings and disabled “Remember search and form history” and temporarily enabled “Clear history when Firefox closes,” which seems to have removed the list.

I don’t think I’m losing my mind, but one never knows…

EDIT: That was on my laptop, by the way, not a Purism device.

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Purely a client side thing for form fields, nothing to worry about.

Thanks. So it’s not actually visible to Netflix, even though I’m seeing the saved terms in their searchbox?

Yep, that’s it.