Network manager automatically switches USB tethering to Mobile Broadband

Running updated version of PureOS on librem 15v3. When I use my android phone’s internet connection with a USD tether, the laptop detects a Wired Connection and works fine for 10 secs until the network manager disconnects the connection and switches over to a Mobile Broadband connection instead. This would be the expected result for a 3g dongle, but in this case it’s really annoying.

Anyone knows how to fix this? DuckDuckGo/Google searches turn up crude solutions of switching off the network manager altogether. Someone else suggested turning off the modem manager, but neither solution seem to work on PureOS.

Hi, I solved the problem by deactivating the ModemManager. On Debian Linux you can do this with the command: systemctl stop ModemManager.service


You do this before tethering with USB cable?