Network manager & openvpn

I have a client configuration for OpenVPN, and I can connect to my OpenVPN server on a VPS from the command line. However, I cannot connect with Network Manager.

I am using the network-manager-openvpn (version 1.8.0-2) plug-in, installed with apt from the default PureOS repo.

I configure the VPN in Network Manager with “Import from file…” using the same client config file that works from the command line. Network Manager fills in the “CA certificate”, “User certificate”, and “User key” with the correct file names. I click the “Add” button.

If I immediately click the gear icon to look at the settings, the “User certificate” file name has been replaced with the “CA certificate” file name, and the “User key” file name has been set to “(None)”. Needless to say, the VPN connection cannot be established and reports an error in the syslog file, “Options error: If you use one of --cert or --key, you must use them both”

I think this must be a Network Manager bug, or a bug with the OpenVPN plugin because my configuration works when openvpn is invoked from the command line.

Any ideas how to get Network Manager to work with OpenVPN in PureOS?

I was finally able to get Network Manager to work with OpenVPN by following the procedure in this thread: OpenVPN problems on Debian

Basically it shows how to install an older version of network-manager-openvpn and network-manager-openvpn-gnome from a Debian Stretch repo.

Yes, we are tracking this issue here: It is fixed in NetworkManager git.

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I put repro but looks like the carrier`s config ovpn file is not properly set. Will update later.