Network/wifi/lan hangs on connected usb-c hub having latest libuv1 1.40.0-2+deb11u1 installed

I connected my i-tec usb-c hub from tested accessiours and the network connections (Wifi/LAN) got stuck.

In the settings/networks it said “no network manager running”.
Applications that require a network connection were not started.

I tried the following commands in the console and they also got stuck:
ip a
systemctl status network

sigkill systemd, network manager did not terminated the processes.

then I remembered the libuv update via the PureOS store
and I downgraded the package to the previous version:

$> sudo apt install libuv1=1.40.0-2

After a reboot the network is back. Wifi and LAN work with the connected usb-c hub!
i still see a
$>ip a
but overall the rest is working!

Maybe this information is useful for someone else.