Neverball is ... broken?

So I have been playing games on my phone and one game that I thought would be really fun turns out to be awful. Is the Neverball game open source? I wanted to take a peek if it was.

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Neverball works pretty well for me (provided that you set the screen to landscape orientation). It would be great to have it use motion sensors, but iio-sensor-proxy will have to expose raw sensor data for it to consume first. There was some effort to create such API years ago, but looks like it has stalled: If you’re interested in such use cases of motion sensors, trying to revive it may be a good idea :wink:

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In which ways did you find it awful? I found that the default chase camera mode drove me mad as it made me have to constantly adjust my inputs where I wasn’t accurate at all. It wasn’t until later that I discovered you can adjust the camera mode with keys 1-3. I would love to see even a basic zoom function.

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The camera tracks the ball making it impossible to track your orientation in the world and thus the level of the surface. Also not using the phone’s actual sensor which is what I believe the intention is makes the camera unusable.

If the sensor worked it would be fine this way, but since it doesn’t I find it impossible to play.

I didn’t realize you could change the camera though. I will have to give that a shot, thanks for the tip.

Also thanks for posting the repo. Might be cool to check out.

I find that I can’t remove this once it is installed, rather like 2048. Pure OS store on my Librem 5 says there are no packages to remove.

I find that I had similar issues with something else and tried the command suggested there

sudo apt purge malcontent && sudo apt autoremove

puttinging neverball or Neverball in place of malcontent. Doesn’t work.

What will work?

Actually, using neverball here does the job.

Now, what is the proper name for GNOME 2048 so I can do the same?

Bonus question, why doesn’t Pure OS store let me do this sort of operation on these apps by simply selecting the Trashcan?

Sorry to post a question and then solve it myself.

I had a brain wave and went to the development site for GNOME 2048 to see what they called the package there. “gnome-2048” did the trick.

Still, something is going on where Pure OS store lets you install it but does not retain enough information to uninstall it.

I use dpkg -l | grep -i ... in a case like this.

For packages that can’t be removed, check what other packages depend on them:

apt-cache rdepends gnome-2048 shows phosh-games.

You can also use apt-cache depends librem5-gnome. It will show that phosh-games is recommended for librem5-gnome, so you can safely remove phosh-games (but run apt-cache depends phosh-games first, and even dpkg -L phosh-games - to see what will you remove).