New 17 Librem Latop Workstation

Does anybody see the 17" coming back. I’m in the market for a laptop workhorse…gaming, video editing and the such. I was thinking system 76 bonobo or dell Precision 7720. BUT after finding Librem, I would rather this product.

Thank you all in advanced!

Was there ever a 17" Librem? I haven’t seen any mentions of one. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been one, and there are currently no (public) plans for one. And I’d say Purism is several years away from making one, as I’m sure they are nearly 100% focused on the Librem 5. So if you’re really looking for 17", Purism probably won’t be the place to look unfortunately.

I’m new to this product, so I think you’re right. I saw a post about 17" Librem but I think it was PureOS. Thanks for the reply and sorry for the confusion.

No worries. There are some posts about people wishing for a 17" Librem, so you’re definitely not alone in wanting one, but so far I don’t think there are any plans for it.