New app: cashbox

I have built my first GTK4 app for the librem5. It will not run on byzantium, because this is too old.
But I have tested it on my librem5 with mobian/trixie and on a kvm with pureos/crimson.

The description of the app is:
cashbox - memorise cost and calculate price of articles
cashbox memorises the cost of articles and calculates the total price and
change. It is intended for small clubs on a celebration, where members are
not experienced in memorizing prices and doing mental arithmetic.

The app is available at Debian / cashbox · GitLab
There you will also find the steps to install it or to build it yourself from source.

I hope someone of the librem5 community will test it and give me feedback.


Yesterday after some small fixes cashbox was accepted by debian and as usual is now available in the unstable queue (Debian -- Package Search Results -- cashbox). This means after some time it will move to debian trixie and will be automatically available in the purism crimson release.